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From a Client in the recruitment Sector after a meeting on travel & subsistence arrangements:

“Thank you very much for your time yesterday, meeting you has been a breath of fresh air. Something that has seemed very complex for several years now seems crystal clear and I look forward to implementing our improvements as well as a long working relationship with yourself.”


From a client in the Not for Profit Sector after reducing a claim from HMRC under a CIS Enquiry from over a £1 million to less than £30,000 with penalties suspended: 

“This has made my day, what a result!”


From a client who asked to review a proposal from an umbrella:

“Thank you it was actually a relief to receive such a definitive and practical solution.  We didn’t think it passed the smell test but were considering going ahead based upon the Counsel’s Opinion.”


From a client on the new rules on salary sacrifice and expenses:

“Thank you for your note it is really clear and has helped me to understand what expenses I can still pay free of tax.”


From various clients:

''Thanks Sue, Really useful session yesterday''

''Great, thanks Sue.  I think it is a complicated area but this has given us some good pointers. Thanks for your help,''

''Thanks Sue, The below makes sense, if I think of any questions I’ll let you know.''